Grace Protestant Reformed Church

God's Word Never Returns Void

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 55:10,11
Psalters: 176, 280, 41, 319
Applicatory to the Lord's Supper
  1. The illustration.
    1. Rain and snow fall to the earth and remain on it.
    2. That they stay on the earth has an affect: ?watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud.?
    3. This, in turn, makes the earth able to produce, i.e., ?give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater.?
  2. In a similar but greater way, God?s Word produces with much effect.
    1. His promise of spiritual water, wine and milk (Isaiah 55:1), of sure mercy, of abundant pardon, of grace always is effectual.
      1. God spoke this word through the prophets, Jesus Himself, the apostles, and now through the preaching of the Scriptures.
      2. When God?s Word of grace comes, then it irresistibly soaks into the soul.
      3. What does God?s Word of grace accomplish? God?s word ?prospers,? i.e., it is successful.
    2. Instead of returning to heaven, God?s promise fertilizes the soul, making it bring forth and bud.
      1. It has negative effects.
      2. Positively, God?s grace transforms.
    3. While rain also aids in the growth of weeds, God?s rain of grace only sows good seed (13).
      1. It changes the nature of weeds into good plants.
      2. God?s grace brings forth something which is useful, delightful, and beautiful.
  3. The comfort.
    1. No need for discouragement or being disheartened when there are negative fruits to the preaching.
    2. And when the fruit is positive, the reason for the efficacy is Divine.
    3. The proclamation of God?s Word is the only means the church is to use (no need for gimmicks).
    4. Drink in God?s promises.