Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Seek The Things Above!

Date: PM
Text: Colossians 3:1,2
Psalters: 168, 204, 60, 32
  1. The present reality.
    1. The new believers at Colosse were in danger of relapsing paganism.
    2. To be risen with Christ resumes the thought of 2:12,13 and of 2:20.
      1. ?Ye are dead? (Colossians 3:2), i.e., died and your life is hid with Christ in God.
      2. Christ alone is the answer, in all the fullness of His love and power (chapters 1,2).
    3. They (and we) had surrendered themselves to this Savior.
      1. One, the supply of grace was sufficient, and remains plentiful.
      2. Two, we have it now, without waiting for His return, for we are raised with Him.
      3. Let our union with the exalted Christ transform our entire life: mind, heart, and will.
  2. Therefore let us exercise the new life in consistent pursuits (?seek?).
    1. ?The things which are above? received the emphasis being placed before ?seek.?
    2. The ?seeking? is a seeking to obtain (Matt. 6:33; 13:45) more than a seeking to discover.
      1. ?Set your affection? is to ponder and yearn for.
      2. These graces enable them to gain victory in their struggle against fleshly indulgence.
    3. The new life changes us so the things of the world become as a tomb to us.
      1. The grave is a good dwelling place for the dead, but not for the dead man who lives.
      2. Like Jesus after His resurrection, let us live our risen life on earth in holy service.