Grace Protestant Reformed Church

The Imperfect Yet Delight In God's Law

Date: AM
Text: Romans 7; Lord's Day 44
Psalters: 86, 336, 2, 38
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2012-13)
  1. The humbling reality.
    1. The right knowledge of my sin is essential to a healthy Christian experience.
      1. All men are aware of sin, but by nature they all deny it, its seriousness, and its horribly ugly nature.
      2. Romans 7 provides the mature, converted saint with the right knowledge of his sins and sinfulness.
    2. The converted constantly learn to walk humbly always striving more and more.
      1. Though we constantly fail, there remains burning within the desire and love for God?s commandments.
      2. As we advance in sanctification, our spiritual maturity is evidenced in meekness.
  2. The purpose of knowing ourselves is so we consciously cling to Jesus more and more.
    1. The faith, which enables me to see my sin, also shows me Jesus.
    2. God deals with His people in such a way that He demands and works a response.
      1. The ?strict? preaching of the law calls me a sinner, weary, thirsty and hungry.
      2. God uses the law to guide us as to how we are to express correctly our gratitude for redemption in Christ.
    3. Love of God is expressed in our striving to obey Him whom we love.
  3. The constant presence of sin makes us press forward to the goal of perfection (Canons V-2).
    1. We press toward perfection by ...
    2. The preaching of God?s law makes us wrestlers in prayer before God?s throne.
    3. As we grow in thankfulness, God increasingly shows us that we are His.