Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Jesus, The Good Shepherd

Date: PM
Text: John 10:14
Psalters: 228, 110, 232, 52
Series: I Am...
  1. The beautiful concept.
    1. Jesus uses the figure of a shepherd to describe His relationship to His people (Ps. 23:1; 80:1; Isa. 40:11; Ezek. 34:23).
      1. A shepherd leads his flock, guiding, nourishing, protecting, and caring for them all.
      2. Jesus knows His sheep intimately, loving them, personally and as a whole (John 10:3,14,15,27).
    2. He is the “good” shepherd.
      1. First, He is good over against the hired men who are selfish and unkind.
      2. He has all the qualities necessary to be not only a shepherd, but an excellent one.
      3. He is “the” Shepherd.
  2. The excellence of Jesus as our Shepherd.
    1. First, He is made Shepherd by His Father’s appointing, calling, and sending.
    2. He knows His sheep, so as to call each of them by name.
      1. He has a universal, special, distinct, and exact knowledge of all of His sheep, their distinct natures, temperaments, needs.
      2. He has affectionate love for them, taking special care of them, indulging them with intimate communion with Himself.
    3. He gave His life for the sheep, freely and voluntarily.
  3. The benefit and profit for the sheep.
    1. First, they are “saved” (9). They are assured of their salvation.
      1. In our Shepherd we are given pardon and peace.
      2. In our Shepherd we have perfect security and safety, working all things together for our spiritual profit.
    2. Second, we know Him: I “am known of mine.”
      1. This is a special, spiritual, saving knowledge, not in a general way as the devil does.
      2. They love Him above all else.