Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Praying Always (1)

Date: AM
Text: Ephesians 6:18; Lord's Day 45
Psalters: 394, 334, 95, 310
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2012-13)
  1. What is prayer?
    1. Prayer is the holy conversation of the believer = s heart with God.
    2. Prayer is a duty.
    3. Prayer is the chief part of thankfulness, which God also requires of us.
    4. The child (of God) wants to pray to his Father.
  2. Three objections raised against the necessity of prayer.
    1. Why should we pray if God knows everything?
    2. God is unchangeable.
    3. God has already decreed what will happen, so why pray?
  3. How must we pray?
    1. First, to God and to Him only (Matt. 4:10; Isaiah 59:1).
    2. Second, we must have faith (James 1:6).
    3. Third, we must be spiritually sensitive, not dull.
    4. Fourth, we must pray according to the will of God (John 15:7). Abide in Me, and my words abide in you.
    5. Fifth, we must pray in the name of Christ (John 15:16; 16:33).
    6. And pray with thanksgiving, humbly grateful to Him whose we are for all things.