Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Praying Always (3)

Date: AM
Text: Ephesians 6:18; Lord's Day 45
Psalters: 309, 341, 185, 160
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2012-13)
  1. In the spirit.
    1. First, this refers to the spirit of the one praying.
    2. Second, this refers to the Spirit of God (Jude 20).
  2. Watching - an attitude of spiritual alertness and anticipation, often urged by Jesus (Col. 4:2; I Peter 4:7).
    1. Watch against...
    2. Watch over our thoughts and heart.
    3. Watch for?
    4. The more watchful we are, the more we pray.
  3. Perseverance in prayer (confer Colossians 4:2 and Romans 12:12).
    1. This is a resolve to withstand all opposition.
      1. A persistence and insistence, like David crying over and over (cf. Ps. 119:145-147).
      2. An holy insatiableness after God, desiring still more (Ps. 63:8; Phil. 3:13,14).
      3. A resolve to rise above discouragements.
    2. Why prayers should be with perseverance?
  4. Praying for all saints.
    1. Prayer for ALL militant believers (not triumphant ones).
    2. Why should our prayers be for all saints?
    3. What are we to pray for all saints?
    4. Let us be more frequent and fervent in praying for all saints