Grace Protestant Reformed Church

What Jehovah Requires

Date: PM
Text: Micah 6:8
Psalters: 15, 385, 356, 109
  1. That He requires.
    1. The scene in Judah at this time is that there were many evils prevailing in Judah.
    2. This chapter begins as if a legal procedure is taking place in a court of law (Micah 6:1ff).
      1. God is arguing His case against His people (Micah 6:2,3).
      2. Judah responds by acknowledging their sin and asking what God would have them do (Micah 6:6,7)?
    3. What God requires are the requirements of His covenant.
      1. In the covenant God has a living relationship with His chosen people: they live in blessed companionship.
      2. He blesses them with many wonderful gifts, and provides for all their needs for time and for eternity.
      3. God requires certain things of His covenant people – their part! Our part is the fruit of God’s part.
  2. What is our part? To do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.
    1. These requirements God showed long before; they are not new to Micah’s day.
    2. What we owe our neighbor is to do justly and to love mercy.
      1. “Justly” refers to treat equitably others, especially for the poor and disadvantaged.
      2. And God requires that we love mercy: an inner delight to help the needy and distressed.
    3. And God requires that we walk humbly with our God, i.e., live in close communion with Him.
      1. To “walk” has us thinking of two walking together, enjoying each other’s company.
      2. “Humbly” is the only way to walk with the almighty and thrice-holy God.
    4. Only when we walk humbly with our God will we do justly and love mercy.
  3. God has shown us what is good (Micah 6:8).
    1. What is “good” is what is morally good, reflecting the very goodness of God and showing what is pleasing to Him.
    2. When God’s people are pleasing to Him, then they taste His blessing.
    3. What blessings are in store for those who walk humbly with God, doing justly and loving mercy!