Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Zion Redeemed With Judgment

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 1:27
Psalters: 257, 293, 249, 365
Applicatory to the Lord's Supper
  1. The necessity.
    1. “Zion” is used in three ways.
    2. Spiritual evaluation:
      1. Zion in the broad sense was worthy of God’s wrath, as chaff (along with weeds).
      2. Zion in the narrow sense is the body of the elect (though it still has an old man).
    3. Zion shall be “redeemed.”
      1. Redemption is vindication by a near relative who took up the cause of a family member who was in dishonor.
      2. Isaiah sees Zion to be in great debt, a captive of a foreign power and a price must be paid to liberate her.
  2. The way in which Zion is redeemed is with “judgment” and “righteousness.”
    1. The idea behind the words.
      1. Righteousness is to be holy and perfect.
      2. Judgment means that God does justly and His judgment is according to His righteousness.
    2. Zion cannot pay the price, but God Himself does, in His love and grace. We would and do only increase our debt!
      1. He gave His only begotten Son to be Zion’s near-Kinsman who took the responsibility for all our debt and shame/dishonor.
      2. This means that Zion is redeemed through the judgment of the wicked world.
      3. It also means that the chaff and our old man is condemned and destroyed.
  3. “Shall be” indicates certainty.
    1. The visible facts seem to contradict God’s word through Isaiah.
      1. Seemed impossible that historic Zion, because God’s wrath on her for her sins would be utter destruction.
      2. Spiritually it is also impossible for sin is such a mighty powerful captor.
    2. But God says that Zion shall be redeemed.
      1. Faith in the truth of God’s Word overcomes all the doubts and fears caused by what we see or feel.
      2. The reason for the certainty.