The Day Of The Lord Coming: How Respond?

Date: PM
Text: II Peter 3:10-12
Psalters: 121, 79, 420, 260
  1. The coming.
    1. The end of this world is given interesting names in our text.
      1. It is called the “day of the Lord” (10).
      2. It is called “the day of God” (12) indicating that then He will be justified before all.
    2. That day will be marked with an unprecedented fire.
      1. This is the fire of God’s consuming, intensely furious wrath punishing sin and consuming the now world.
      2. The “heavens shall pass away with a great noise” (Heb. 12:26,27).
      3. The “elements shall melt with fervent heat.”
      4. The earth and “the works that are therein” shall be “burned,” i.e., searched and found to be vanity!
    3. This day is coming already now.
    4. This day introduces the new world (13).
  2. What is the proper response to the knowledge that such a day is coming?
    1. Our text shows us the only way to prepare for this day as well as the day of anti-christ which precedes this end.
    2. Let us learn that all things will not continue as they have (contrary to the scoffers), but an end is on the way.
      1. Shows how false are the dreams of a new wonderful earthly world prior to Christ’s return.
      2. All earthly possessions and relationships will come to an end, just as all pictures do.
    3. Our God would have us “look for” with eager anticipation our Lord’s return and a new heaven and earth.
      1. More than knowing He will come again, we eagerly anticipate and expect it.
      2. And we “hasting unto” (hastening) the coming.
    4. Also we are to “be in all holy conversation and godliness.”
      1. This implies that we seek not the things of this world nor our pleasures, but we seek the things above.
      2. A holy life-style means that we consciously live today pleasingly to Him with reverence (Heb. 12:28).
      3. Godliness is living consciously as before His face.