Faith In Our Father's Providence

Date: AM
Text: Isaiah 45; Lord's Day 10
Psalters: 373, 40, 285, 345
  1. Our Father’s sovereign control.
    1. Faith in the God of providence means that we believe that He exercises absolute control over everything He created.
      1. He governs everything according to His perfectly wise plan unto the end of His glory and the good of His children.
      2. He controls the nations (Ps. 2:1-4; 33:10), creation (Ps. 135:7; 147:18; 148:8; Mk 4:41), animals (II Kings 17:25; Dan. 6:22; Mt. 10:29), Satan and evil spirits (Mt. 4:10; II Cor. 12:7,8; Mk 1:27), so Pharaoh is hardened and Assyria is His ax.
      3. He sends trouble and calamity (Ruth 1:20; I Sam. 1:5; II Sam. 24:1; I Kings 22:20-23; Eccl. 7:14; Isa. 45:6,7; Amos 3:6); even putting to death (Deut. 32:39; I Sam. 2:6,25; II Sam. 12:15).
    2. God’s sovereign control of all causes all things to move to the end He determined long before (Isaiah 46.10).
    3. Our faith in God's providence leads us to reject certain errors.
  2. The proper response to faith in God's providence is a child-like joyful embracing of it (not just tolerating His sovereignty).
    1. Patient in adversity (Rom. 5:3; James 1:3).
      1. This means that we consciously focus on Him who brings the cross, submitting to His supreme and perfectly-wise will.
      2. Patience is the exercise of faith to see the bond/relationship God has with us in love.
    2. Thankful in when things go well (prosperity).
      1. So often we pray before a problem, but forget to thank Him after the blessing.
      2. Gratitude sees that all we are and have, success and prosperity are gifts from our Father in heaven.
    3. Trusting our faithful Father with the future.
      1. It helps to face the future unafraid if we know that nothing moves except by the hand of our Father in heaven.
      2. This is the conviction that our Father is taking the best possible way (no matter what that way may be).
    4. Obey our gracious Father by loving Him with our all.
      1. God’s sovereign control of all things (including our sins) does not remove nor change our responsibility.
      2. Consecrate yourself to Him, with the small as well as with the great matters of our life.