Jehovah Is A Stronghold In Troubling Days

Date: PM
Text: Nahum 1:7
Psalters: 320, 151, 17, 356
  1. The fact.
    1. The “day of trouble.”
      1. First, this is trouble for the wicked, as described in the entire prophecy.
      2. Second, this are days of trouble for the righteous as they live in the midst of this ever-increasingly sinful world.
      3. It is through much tribulation that we enter the kingdom (Acts 14:22).
    2. The good tidings that publish peace on the mountains (1:15) is that Jehovah is a stronghold in the day of trouble.
      1. Jehovah is a hiding place, a garrison to which we may flee and be safe.
      2. He is their rock, their refuge, their strong tower, and their place of defense where they find safety and plenty.
  2. Jehovah is this stronghold for those who “trust in Him.”
    1. At its root, trust is an act of love (“believeth all things, hopeth all things,” I Cor. 13:7).
      1. Hatred does not trust, but is filled with distrust and dark apprehension.
      2. Trust/confidence is first the assurance that the One in Whom we trust loves us, for there is no fear in love (I John 4:18).
    2. Trust is the firm assurance that the good Jehovah is faithful/true and able.
      1. Our God is Jehovah who changes never.
      2. And Jehovah is able, strong and mighty to help. No trouble can overwhelm us (Him).
    3. Our confidence also rests in the fact that Jehovah “knoweth” us (cf. Ps. 1:6; II Tim. 2:19).
      1. He foreknows us and that is why He chose us, long before we were and even before He created.
      2. He knows us in the sense that He approves of them; He owns and acknowledges them as His own.
      3. He makes Himself known to us; and He will confess us hereafter
      4. He knows us with the intimate knowledge of love.
  3. The day of trouble Jehovah turns into the day of our salvation.
    1. Jehovah is good, i.e., His goodness is the sum of all His perfections.
      1. He is good in Himself: in the perfections of His nature and in all His works.
      2. Text says that “Jehovah” is good.
    2. How is Jehovah’s goodness manifested?
      1. First, God’s goodness is to all (Ps. 145:7)
      2. Second, His goodness does not wink at sin, but punishes it exactly according to what it deserves.