Grace Protestant Reformed Church

I Will Love Thee, Jehovah

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 18:1,2
Psalters: 177, 161, 392, 34
Confession of Faith
  1. Promised love.
    1. David promises, i.e. he is expressing a vow, and he makes a fixed resolution.
    2. His vow is to love Jehovah.
      1. The word translated ?love? means to love deeply and speaks of a most intimate, tender, and compassionate love.
      2. David makes this promise out of gratitude for God delivering him from his enemies.
      3. Love for God is the heart of obedience (Matt. 22:37), the first fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22).
    3. ?Jehovah? is the object of David?s love.
      1. ?Jehovah? is the self-sufficient One Who changes never.
      2. God lays claim on our love for: being so absolutely perfect in His being, marvelously creating, wonderfully providing.
      3. And David promises to love ?my God.?
  2. What are your reasons for loving God so much? Because what He is for me.
    1. The many titles and names emphasize that God is everything to me, which is why I love Him so.
    2. The names and titles.
      1. ?Rock? refers to the mountain concealments David had when escaping Saul.
      2. ?Strength? is a prevailing force (Ps. 27:1; 62:2,6).
      3. ?Fortress? is a stronghold or garrison; so one is secure forever no matter the foe.
      4. ?Deliverer? (an escape) out of the hand of enemies; rescued when own strength fails.
      5. ?Strength? (most often translated ?rock?) emphasizes immobile, firm strength.
      6. ?Buckler? is a shield which wards off blows of sword or arrow.
      7. ?Horn of my salvation.?
      8. ?My high tower? is a citadel, a high rocky eminence beyond the reach of enemies (Masada).
  3. Knowledge of all that God is and all that He is for me results in trust (?in whom I will trust?).
    1. We must understand these names and titles, for the more I know Him for Who He is, the more I will not fear.
    2. Then we will trust Him seek refuge, flee for protection, confide or hope in.Him.
      1. Our faith rests a solid foundation in every storm of life.
      2. The more we rest and trust in Him, the more precious we find Him to be.
    3. May I resolve to love Jehovah, to abide in the nearest and most intimate union with the Most High God!