Run the Race

Date: PM
Text: Hebrews 12:1
Psalters: 226, 232, 247, 326
Applicatory to the Lord's Supper
  1. That we run.
    1. The figure is of a foot race ? cross-country type as ran in the Grecian games.
      1. The runners had a definite goal to reach: the victor?s crown.
      2. The contestants would prepare themselves for this race, enduring the necessary pain.
      3. On the day of the race they exerted themselves to the utmost on the prescribed course.
    2. The spiritual reality is the spiritual race toward the prize of heaven in which every elect believer runs.
      1. The child of God is given to see that he is regenerated unto a living hope for an inheritance reserved in heaven: eternal life!
      2. Thus our purpose does not end at death, but is rather then realized completely.
    3. Some cautions.
  2. How we are to run.
    1. The ?cloud of witnesses? evidenced right running in their lives, when they consciously lived ?by faith.?
    2. We are to live our lives dominated by the high purpose of reaching the goal the Father promises His children.
      1. We are reveal ourselves to be God?s children (like His Son) in every sphere of life.
      2. We are to exert ourselves strenuously fighting the battle of faith in order to attain this glorious goal.
      3. We are to work out our own salvation, denying ourselves whatever might hinder us from to goal of serving our God.
    3. Those in this race are willing, in order to reach the goal, to lay aside all that is non-essential.
      1. We are to ?lay aside every weight.?
      2. Also we are to lay aside ?the sin which doth so easily beset us,? i.e., each of us have a kind of sin we easily fall into.
    4. We are to run with ?patience.?
      1. Do not be discouraged, but persevere to go through this life and to do so patiently.
      2. Patience is the activity of enduring, continuing to put forth every effort, because we know Christ is with us.