All Works Good Because of God's Purpose

Date: PM
Text: Romans 8:29,30
Psalters: 373, 84, 165, 356
  1. What is His purpose?
    1. First, consider about whom Paul is talking: certain people who are called according to God?s purpose.
      1. God?s ?purpose? gives a unique perspective of God?s eternal counsel.
      2. ?Purpose? emphasizes that God?s plan has a goal which is to set forth or display something of Him.
    2. Concerning these God?s wills that they ?be conformed to the image of His Son.?
      1. God?s accomplished intent is to put the imprint of His Son on and in the elect.
      2. ?Conformed? means ?to bring to the same form with? another, both internal and external.
    3. An even higher purpose of God is the pre-eminence of His Son: ?that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.?
      1. The end of our salvation is the glory of the Son (Phil. 2:11; Col. 1:18).
      2. This higher end is accomplished by conforming the adopted children to the image of the Son.
  2. Five steps are used to realize God?s purpose.
    1. First, God ?did foreknow.?
      1. God?s foreknowledge is foreordination (Acts 2:23; Rom. 11:2; I Peter 1:2,20).
      2. God?s foreknowledge is an intimate knowledge of love (John 10:14,15; Amos 3:2; cf. Matt. 7:23).
    2. Them ?He also did predestinate,? i.e., designate beforehand a goal or destiny.
    3. ?Them He also called.? God effectually calls them to faith, for the Spirit awakens them.
    4. ?Them He also justified,? i.e., God legally declares them forgiven and righteous.
    5. ?Them He also glorified.?
  3. Comfort is found in the reasons.
    1. Absolutely everything works for our real and eternal good, because God has purposed everything in every detail.
      1. There is no uncertainty whatsoever, for every step is ordered and already accomplished (in God?s mind).
      2. The plan of salvation cannot and will not fail because God?s will and glory are involved.
    2. We have a calling.
    3. We may and ought to experience comfort in this mighty work of God.