Grace Protestant Reformed Church

It Is God That Justifieth

Date: PM (Ascension Day)
Text: Romans 8:33,34
Psalters: 59, 180, 302, 354
Series: Romans 8
  1. The figure of speech is that of a courtroom trial before a judge.
    1. Questions (cf. Isaiah 50:8,9)
      1. Is there an accusation (Romans 8:33)?
      2. And is there a charge which would stick, making one worthy of condemnation (Romans 8:34)?
    2. It is the “elect” about whom this question is asked.
  2. The only correct answer: “It is God that justifieth” (cf. Isa. 50:8,9,7).
    1. This is an activity of God!!
    2. To justify is a legal declaration by the divine Judge about our legal position before Him.
      1. It is God making the judgment about someone that they are holy and righteous.
      2. This divine pronouncement was made once and it lasts forever, not matter how many times we still sin.
      3. Into this divine court no one can bring an accusation which will stick.
  3. The evidence that God has justified us is provided in the four things Jesus did and does to accomplish this for us.
    1. First, “Christ died.”
    2. Second, “yea rather, that is risen again.”
    3. Third, Christ “is even at the right hand of God.”
    4. Fourth, Christ “also maketh intercession for us.”
  4. God’s conclusion is that no one and nothing can take from us the salvation Jesus accomplished for us.