Grace Protestant Reformed Church

More Than Conquerors In God's Love

Date: PM
Text: Romans 8:35-39
Psalters: 45, 97, 397, 292
Series: Romans 8
  1. The battle is between many allied against God’s elect.
    1. The object of the battle is to destroy spiritually God’s elect.
      1. God wants us to know that the correct way to describe it is as their efforts to separate us from the love of Christ.
      2. The “us” and “we” are the foreknown, elect, called, justified, and glorified who have God’s love shed abroad in them (Romans 5:5).
    2. Can anything or anyone come between God’s love and us?
      1. “Tribulation” and “distress” speaks of outward afflictions and inward distresses (narrow places).
      2. “Angels,” “principalities” and “powers” are ranks of fallen angels in Satan’s army.
      3. “Famine” (lack of necessities), nakedness (shame and embarrassment), “peril” (any danger), “sword” (violent deaths).
  2. In the face of all these difficulties, we are persuaded of something which is contrary to our feelings and all efforts.
    1. To be “persuaded” is to have reached a settled and confident conclusion after much consideration.
    2. This settled conclusion was brought about by the evidence God set before Paul and me.
    3. That about which Paul is and I am persuaded is that nothing can “separate us from the love of God which is in Christ.”
      1. First, this is the love of “God” Who is absolute perfection, and independent (He is not affected by anything else).
      2. Second, this love is “in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
    4. Nothing, in life or death, is able to separate us from God’s abiding, unconditional love in Christ.
  3. The wonderful result is that we are “more than conquerors” (not just a conqueror).
    1. The idea is that we are hyper-conquerors (literal) and completely victorious, so the result was never in doubt.
      1. We will go through all the difficulties of this life and come out better than when we entered it.
      2. All the trials and opposition of this life are God’s ways of strengthening us in our knowledge of and appreciation for the greatness, depth, and preciousness of God’s love.
    2. Let us look above the opposition and the battle and see God’s love.
      1. Faith is the persuasion which answers and contradicts all feelings and fears of defeat.
      2. Everything depends, not on our love, but on His love which is evidenced in Christ dying for the ungodly!