An Ensign of the People

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 11:10,11
Psalters: 162, 369, 218, 218
  1. The ensign.
    1. “That day” refers to a brief period of time in the future which climaxes in this eternal kingdom of glory and peace.
      1. Isaiah uses “that day” to refer to the entire new dispensation.
      2. The “day” begins with the sprouting of the shoot which brings the spiritual rule of the prince of peace.
    2. The “root of Jesse” refers to the chopped down stump of David’s royal house, the heart of the Old Testament theocracy.
    3. An ensign is a highly displayed symbol of unity (cf. 5:26; 13:2; 18:3; Psalm 60:4).
      1. “Of the people” is literally of the nations, meaning that the kingdom is international or catholic, beyond one nation.
      2. The banner went up when Jesus was exalted to God’s right hand when He receive “all power … in heaven and in earth.”
  2. The “people” (Gentiles) come contact with and see the ensign (banner).
    1. The banner is the proclamation of Jesus Christ, with forgiveness and righteousness in Him for ungodly sinners.
    2. When “the Gentiles seek” the ensign they are desirous to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      1. People out of every nation will hear of Him and hunger and thirst after Him.
      2. This also means that they will acknowledge Christ as their spiritual King.
    3. That any child of Adam would seek Jesus Christ as their ensign/banner implies a previous work of His Spirit in them.
  3. In that same day Israel will be gathered (“recover”).
    1. The recovery of the remnant of God’s people refers to the gathering of spiritual Israel, Jew and Gentile in this dispensation.
    2. The root of Jesse is now the spiritual banner of the kingdom of heaven.
    3. And they know each other, not according to their differences, but as fellow-subjects of the one, spiritual King.