Cast Thy Burden Upon Jehovah

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 55:22
Psalters: 129, 351, 151, 149
  1. Our given burdens.
    1. The psalm describes David’s way as so difficult that he mourns and cries aloud because of the crushing burden.
      1. He speaks of an enemy (3), someone who wickedly casts iniquity and hatred on him.
      2. What made his burden extra heavy was that he was betrayed by one a dear friend, Ahithophel (12-14).
      3. David’s burden was especially heavy because he knew that this was a direct consequence of his sin (II Sam. 12:10,11).
    2. David’s word for burden emphasizes the crushing weight and the fact that the burden is our lot (root meaning), i.e., a gift.
    3. God is pleased to give burdens to all of His beloved children.
  2. Our Father gifts us with burdens exactly so we cast them on Jehovah.
    1. Our sinful nature reacts to burdens in the wrong way: avoid by flying away (6,7).
    2. God uses David’s experience to teach us how to respond to our lot (burden) correctly.
      1. The ability to bear any burden arises from simply casting our burden on Jehovah: to throw or hurl.
      2. The response to our lot is the constant activity of praying (the psalm emphasizes this: 1,2,16,17).
    3. Casting prayer makes us look to “Jehovah,” the sovereign I Am.
  3. Jehovah answers.
    1. “He shall sustain thee,” i.e., supports, holds or bears up, provides and nourishes.
    2. In this way He gifts us with a firmer faith to see that His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.