Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Trust in Jehovah

Date: PM
Text: Proverbs 3:5,6
Psalters: 372, 356, 95, 161
  1. The meaning.
    1. “Trust” is to confide in one, to set our hope and confidence on one, resulting in being secure and fearing nothing.
      1. Trust implies: awareness of troubles, recognition of our inability to provide safety for ourselves, the presence of another who provides the strength or wisdom, receiving of strength to be delivered from the danger, and to be secure.
      2. To "lean on" is to rest on as someone's arm, and thus to repose confidence in on to hold us up.
    2. We are not to trust our "own understanding” (one’s intelligence or insight).
    3. But we are to trust in "Jehovah" — there is no searching of His understanding (Isa. 40:28).
      1. The name "Jehovah" describes God as perfectly Self-sufficient and independent, having everything in Himself.
      2. This Jehovah was pleased of Himself to establish a most intimate relationship of love with His people.
  2. The manner.
    1. And we trust Jehovah when: "in all thy ways acknowledge Him."
      1. To "acknowledge" Jehovah is to perceive God behind every event and in every circumstance.
      2. Acknowledge Him in “all thy ways."
        1. Acknowledge Him as the Giver of your substance and of thy increase, and of thy barns and presses (Proverbs 3:9,10).
        2. Acknowledge Him in every adversity, chastening and correcting (Proverbs 3:11,12).
      3. Acknowledge that Jehovah is at work in our life and that we can trust His wisdom and love in it, no matter the way.
    2. Him we are to trust "with all thine heart."