Grace Protestant Reformed Church

So Built We the Wall With a Mind to Work

Date: PM
Text: Nehemiah 3, 4:6
Psalters: 372, 175, 205, 354
Series: Nehemiah
  1. The description.
    1. When Babylon destroyed the city, the walls were pushed out. Massive stones rolled down into the valleys below.
    2. The registry of the wall building in Nehemiah 3 begins with priests and follows a counter-clockwise direction.
      1. This is God’s registry of faithful church edifiers, which began with the example of priests, including the high priest.
      2. Those who worked for the edification of the church were diverse.
      3. Note their selflessness.  The mindset was that of self-denial.
      4. Note the unity of the builders: working “next unto” others. They loved the cause AND each other.
      5. Note the zeal of the builders: the Tekoites (Nehemiah 3:5,27) and Meshullam (Nehemiah 3:4,30) repaired two portions of the wall.
      6. Note that the sins of family did not disqualify nor make one think he ought not to help.
  2. The building of Jerusalem’s walls was a testimony of God’s power rather than that of the people.
    1. The work of the Lord, by the grace of the Spirit, was important to them all.
    2. The presence of organization and authority is implied in Nehemiah’s presence.
    3. The dominant impression is of each group working cheerfully, willingly accepting their role.
  3. Do you build the wall of Zion, even over against your own house (Nehemiah 3:10)?
    1. Do you do all you can to make sure that what you believe and how you live serves to edify (build up) the body of Christ.
    2. As we go through this listing the Spirit applies this to us.
    3. May God give us a mind to work, to build to the best of our ability.