The Comforter Abides With the Church Forever

Date: AM
Text: John 14:16,17
Psalters: 182, 135, 287, 204
  1. His identity.
    1. Jesus earned and held in possession every blessing of salvation for His people (Phil. 2).
    2. Some things about this Spirit.
      1. One, the passage indicates that the Spirit is a person.
      2. Second, He is “another” Helper, not a different Helper, i.e., one like Jesus.
      3. Third, He is called “comforter,” i.e., one called alongside in order to aid, help, assist.
      4. Second, this Spirit would “abide with you” (16) and “dwelleth with you and shall be in you” (17b).
  2. The work of the Comforter.
    1. The Spirit’s work within every believer is to point to Jesus, not to Himself (John 16:13b,14).
      1. He puts Himself in the background so all the attention goes to Jesus.
      2. While quiet, the Spirit’s work is not unnoticeable.
    2. Specifically, He is the Spirit of truth who will “guide you into all truth.”
    3. In contrast to those indwelt by the Spirit of Christ, the world (all others) follow Satan’s lie (8:44,45; 14::30).
    4. The Spirit equips everyone in whom He dwells with nine fruit.
  3. At Jesus’ request.
    1. For this Spirit Jesus “will pray,” i.e., Jesus, the Son of God, makes a request of His Father.
    2. Let us walk in the Spirit, and live in the comforting knowledge of the salvation He has given and gives forever!