I Believe in Jesus

Date: PM
Text: Matthew 1:21; Lord's Day 11
Psalters: 276, 78, 263, 284
  1. “Jesus” is the personal name of the Son of God in our flesh, given by God (Matt. 1:21; Luke 1:31).
    1. Matthew 1:21 declares that God provides the way of salvation.
    2. This personal name declares that salvation is all His work (His mission), i.e., Savior: "Jehovah salvation" or "saves."
    3. This name shows what kind of a Savior Jesus is.
    4. This name shows that Jesus actually accomplished what He came to do; there is power in His name (Acts 4:7,10,12).
    5. This name also declares that Jesus’ salvation was for a definite number of people: “His people from their sins.”
  2. Jesus is the only true Savior because He does what no one else can do.
    1. He is not just a Savior, but THE Savior, the only One.
    2. He changed our guilt into innocence, removing every liability to be punished, conquered the grave and overcome Satan.
    3. That Jesus is the complete Savior means that He is responsible for all of our salvation.
    4. He is sovereign in saving us, so that without Him we can do nothing right or good (John 15:5). He is THE way (John 14:6).
    5. Therefore we deny any joint effort to save as another gospel.
  3. Therefore rely on Him only and completely for all of our salvation.
    1. What do you want from Jesus?
    2. Believe in this perfect Savior who is revealed in this Name!
    3. Trusting in Jesus only and completely results in constant, personal humility, seeing my total unworthiness.
    4. And trusting in Jesus is a living out of Him so His holiness, power, and goodness shine through me.