Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Bring Up Children in the Lord's Nurture

Date: PM
Text: Ephesians 6
Psalters: 133, 322, 91, 283
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. The meaning.
    1. To “bring up” is to nurture or to nourish to maturity.
      1. The children must be nourished or fed physically, psychologically and spiritually.
      2. Objectively, a child is nourished in God’s Word and commandments.
      3. Subjectively, we nourish each child according to their unique character and personality.
    2. The participants are children and fathers.
    3. That it is the father (and not someone else) implies the presence of love and intimate care.
  2. There is a danger which is present in every fallen father and child.
    1. To provoke is to irritate or exasperate, to cause adverse reaction, to cause someone to be resentful or angry.
    2. There are many ways in which fathers can provoke their children to wrath.
  3. The possibility of right parenting is when the bringing up is when the nurture and admonition is “of the Lord.”
    1. Nurture and admonition go together.
      1. “Nurture” is the whole training and educating, especially their actions (this word is usually translated “chastening”).
      2. “Admonition” is instruction with words which are set before the child’s mind.
    2. “Of the Lord.”
      1. Then the father (and mother) teach what Jesus teaches and approves.
      2. They teach them in such a way that the Lord is doing the nurturing and nourishing.
      3. So teach the child that they see the real Father in and through the earthly Father.