Not Fear, for God Is Our Refuge

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 46:1,2a
Psalters: 306, 54, 382, 126
Confession of Faith
  1. Fear arises because of trouble so severe it seems that the mountains are carried into the sea.
    1. The unbelieving world occasions fear in the lives of God’s people.
    2. In addition, God is pleased to put afflictions into the lives of His people and church (Ps. 44:9ff; Acts 14:22; Heb. 12:7).
    3. Satan and his host are behind every scheme and every attack to bring sin into the church and in saints.
  2. What time I am afraid, I must see that God is!
    1. “God is.”
    2. “Our refuge and strength.”
      1. “Our” means that all that God ever was, is and shall be, He is for us, for He is not just an existence, but is what He is for us.
      2.  “Refuge” is a safe shelter or a fortified structure, warm and safe hiding place.
      3. “Strength” is that which is mighty and powerful.
    3. “A very present help.”
      1. “Help” is something that surrounds another in order to provide protection and safety.
      2. Our cry for help is only satisfied with power to aid and deliver, not with mere advice or sympathy.
  3. We experience no fear when our faith declares that God is and that He is our refuge and strength.
    1. Faith (God’s gift to us) has a clear understanding (not a feeling) which arises from Scripture and answers every fear.
    2. We will not be gripped by unbelieving fear.
    3. A mighty Fortress is our God, a Bulwark never failing.