I Believe in Jesus’ Death and Burial

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 16; Lord's Day 16
Psalters: 137, 140, 47, 28
  1. The character of His death.
    1. First, consider what death is, along with all its accompanying parts.
      1. Death is the wages of sin, i.e., God’s just response of wrath against sin.
      2. Jesus’ death includes the His burial and descending into hell and the fact that His death was by crucifixion.
    2. Jesus experienced death in all its parts, more conscious of what death is than anyone else ever was.
      1. Jesus entered into the fullness of the consequences of our sins.
      2. Death was a contradiction for Him (as a human) because He never sinned and did not deserve to die.
      3. And uniquely Jesus died willingly, voluntarily, of His own will.
  2. The benefits.
    1. The willing obedience (lovingly) of Jesus to die is a marvel of grace and love.
      1. God’s grace sent His own Son “for sin” (Rom. 8:3), i.e., to deal with sin in all its nature and consequence.
      2. Jesus’ death was the only and the most perfect sacrifice for sin.
    2. How can death be considered “abolished” (II Tim. 1:10) (brought to nothing) when we still die?
      1. First, now the death of believers is an entrance into eternal life.
      2. Second, we must die to abolish sin which resides in the body of this death and the sinful desires of the flesh.
      3. The final victory will be achieved in the resurrection (I Cor.15:54-58).
    3. Jesus’ burial shows that Jesus left nothing out of our punishment.
    4. Jesus’ death earned for us deliverance from hell's agonies and the presence of God's love.