Righteous Before God by Faith

Date: AM
Text: John 20; Lord's Day 23
Psalters: 163, 144, 190, 320
  1. Amazing wonder.
    1. To be “righteous before God” is to be declared righteous in God’s sight and to have the right to life in God=s judgment.
      1. This is to be justified, i.e., judged by the Supreme Judge to be innocent and righteous.
      2. God’s declaration is because Jesus was delivered unto death for our offences and raised for our justification.
      3. God, the Judge, declares one to be without sin in heart and life, and to be in harmony with His perfect Self.
    2. With the imputation of righteousness God also imparts righteousness so we have life (our condition).
  2. God enables believers consciously to appropriate this righteousness and He commands us to do so.
    1. We frequently struggle with assurance of salvation.
    2. Apart from Jesus there is no possibility of justification.
      1. Man constantly strives to be righteous before God because of works (what we are and what we do) but always fail.
      2. But the basis God uses to judge us is the righteousness of Jesus.
  3. By faith alone (Rom. 3:26,28; 4:11,16,20-22).
    1. God determined that the only way to appropriate His gift of righteousness is by means of His gift of faith (Rom. 5:1).
    2. The experience of faith.
  4. What are the beneficial results of being righteous by faith alone through grace alone in Christ alone?
    1. Faith sees ourselves as still sinning, but also see what God has most graciously declared of us in Christ: righteous. Faith has us see ourselves the way God sees us: righteous in Christ.
    2. What a tremendous benefit to receive the gift of righteousness in Christ!!
    3. This results in a peace which passes all human understanding (Romans 5:1).