Why Must We Still Do Good Works?

Date: AM
Text: Ephesians 4; Lord's Day 32
Psalters: 15, 41, 109, 152
  1. The answer.
    1. This question is answered incorrectly.
      1. The Arminian (and Pelagian) says good works are necessary to be saved.
      2. The Federal Vision position says that good works are necessary in order to stay saved.
      3. The Antinomian immediately says that there is no necessity for good works at all (are various degrees of this).
    2. The correct answer.
      1. Good works are necessitated by the graciousness of redemption.
      2. We are experientially so grateful to God for His blessings.
  2. How can we do good works?
    1. Objectively, redemption made a real change in us (Eph. 4:17-20,24).
    2. Subjectively, there are reasons for why believers do good works.
    3. We cannot be saved without good works.
  3. There are fruits to our good works.
    1. By his good works the believer is benefitted because he is assured of his faith.
    2. Others are gained to Christ by our godly conversation (I Peter 3:1; Matt. 5:16).
    3. Good works praise and thank God, for He saves us for His glory (Rom. 9:23; I Cor. 6:20;  Eph. 1:6; I Peter 2:9).