Tell Zion: Thy Salvation Cometh

Date: PM
Text: Isaiah 62:11,12
Psalters: 418, 388, 99, 344
  1. Tell who?
    1. There was a need to tell the faithful believers because their sight told them that all was doomed.
    2. Notice that the proclamation of salvation comes from an outside source.
      1. The good news is that salvation comes from God Himself (note “His” and “Him”).
      2. God commands His weak but believing people to hope and not despair.
  2. What did God cause to be heard? “Thy salvation cometh.”
    1. The salvation proclaimed is by the Messiah, the Son of the Highest.
      1. He has the power to save to the uttermost.
      2. When redemption is of the Lord, then nothing can prevent it, not Babylon, Edom, hell, sin’s power, and sin’s tyranny.
    2. The salvation proclaimed is redemption: “the redeemed of the Lord” (44:6).
      1. Jesus is the Redeemer (Luke 1:68; 2:38).
      2. He paid the ransom with His own precious blood (not money or price).
  3. The result.
    1. The proclaimed salvation is already accomplished: “His reward is with Him.”
    2. A result is that the redeemed are special, for redemption leads to holiness: “the holy people.”
    3. Further, the proclaimed salvation makes God’s people desirable, “sought out,” “not forsaken.”
    4. God has this salvation proclaimed to those despairing of any hope so they know that they are sought out by sovereign grace.