Grace Protestant Reformed Church

By Faith Enoch

Date: AM
Text: Hebrews 11:5,6
Psalters: 203, 247, 90, 389
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. Enoch’s faith is evidenced in his walk.
    1. Faith enables one to walk with God.
      1. How can this be seeing God is perfectly holy and is pleased only with perfect holiness of His human creatures?
      2. To walk with God is to have intimate communication with Him.
      3. It is to live before God in obedience, for “walk” refers to our life as it is lived in this world.
      4. It is to walk after God in trust.
    2. This faith pleases God.
      1. What pleases God is not that we are perfect in ourselves, but that He declares that He judges us holy in Christ.
      2. Therefore, what pleases God is that we believe “that God is.”
  2. Enoch’s faith is evidenced in his witness.
    1. Enoch’s walk with God was a powerful witness declaring the way we ought to live.
    2. Also Enoch’s walk was a walk against the world in which he lived; he walked antithetically.
    3. Enoch’s witness consisted of his being a preacher of righteousness (Jude 14,15).
      1. Enoch anticipated the coming of the Lord because he know God was the rewarder of them that seek Him.
      2. Enoch promised that would be a day of divine judgment.
  3. Enoch’s faith is evidenced in his triumph, for his faith was rewarded in God translating him.
    1. To be “translated” is a wonder of God’s grace taking one out of sin into wonderful relationship with God (Col. 1:13).
    2. By faith Enoch was translated into heavenly glory.
    3. By faith he and we are pleasing to God, for we proclaim the glory of His grace which elected us unto adoption of children.