The Place of a Skull: Golgotha

Date: PM (Good Friday)
Text: John 19:17,18
Psalters: 232, 240, 47, 108
  1. What is seen.
    1. He was led out of the city to the place called Golgotha, near a major intersection of roads.
      1. He was taken out of the city to a hill which was likely shaped as a human skull.
      2. The soldiers took a shovel, hammer, nails, jug of myrrh (wine with a sedative) and two beams.
    2. Many physical things happened: three men experienced the cruelty and hatred of men, being nailed to a wooden cross.
    3. Jesus was crucified “in the midst,” i.e., with two others, both evil-doers.
      1. He is identified/numbered with the transgressors (Isaiah 53:12) because He entered into our state guilt.
      2. Jesus’ cross divides them.
  2. What is not seen.
    1. Jesus “went forth” thought they “led Him” to this place.
      1. First, this shows that Jesus was not the victim but the Master in control of every circumstance.
      2. And this shows that this was according to the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God (Acts 2:23).
    2. Only by a work of God’s grace can we see the spiritual realities behind the physical sight.
  3. The significance
    1. Jesus is in the midst of evil-doers because this is the only way to pay for our sins.
      1. Golgotha happened because it was the only way to remove forever the sins of God’s elect.
      2. The Son of God, for all His people, goes under the darkness of eternal death and makes His soul an offering for sin.
    2. What does it mean to you? We will spend all eternity recounting what it means.