Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Graves Opened; Saints Appeared

Date: AM
Text: Matthew 27:52,53
Psalters: 315, 110, 175, 79
  1. The miracle.
    1. We must consider this unusual event from the perspective of faith - believing it to be real and a wonder or sign.
      1. The Bible does not answer all our questions, but only tells us what we need to know.
      2. We must focus on what this says about Jesus and His resurrection.
    2. Other important details.
      1. There were two tremendous earthquakes, one at Jesus’ death and one at His resurrection.
      2. This earthquake opened graves which were caves which had large round stones rolled in front of them.
      3. Specific graves opened: of those who are identified as saints.
      4. This was a real, bodily resurrection of previously dead people.
      5. There were many, so many that likely everyone living in Jerusalem caught sight of at least one of these saints.
      6. They arose with the mission and purpose of appearing to people in Jerusalem.
  2. We must see its significance in light of Jesus’ cross and resurrection
    1. First, this event shows that Jesus’ death and His resurrection are inseparably connected.
    2. Second, “after His resurrection” declares an inseparable connection between Jesus’ resurrection and our bodily resurrection.
    3. Third, the open graves and appearing saints is a vindication of the cause of God represented in Jesus.
      1. This is a testimony against those who lived unholy lives, for it was only “saints” who were raised.
      2. And this is a testimony for us to live holy lives, for the unholy will not have this kind of resurrection (Eph. 5:5).
    4. Finally, there is great encouragement to God’s people, for when believers die the “sleep.”