Grace Protestant Reformed Church

God’s Power Revealed in Jesus’ Exaltation

Date: PM
Text: Ephesians 1:19,20
Psalters: 267, 387, 27, 303
Series: Ephesians
  1. The revelation.
    1. God is. God is God. God does wondrous things. And God is our hope of salvation (and a glorious inheritance) (Ephesians 1:18).
      1. It is as impossible for us sinners to be saved, as it is for the dead to arise.
      2. Salvation requires the operation of an exceeding great power, a power which accomplishes things into (not toward) us.
    2. How ought we to describe God’s power? Paul heaps up terms: “strength,” “power,” “energy.”
    3. The power of God is also manifest in spiritual resurrection in our hearts, enlightening our minds, and softening our wills.
      1. It is a power by which the carnal mind is changed from enmity against God to being lovingly subject to Him.
      2. It is the great power whereby damned and exiled sinners are translated into divine image bearing saints.
    4. We learn that we have no power to change a mind or soften a will or convert a heart, but we know Who is able!
  2. Paul wants Christians to know the exceeding greatness of God’s power into us, and the energy of the power of His strength.
    1. How can we know the exceeding greatness of the energy and power which God is now working in us?
    2. To have some conception of the greatness of God’s power, we are to consider its operation in Jesus’ exaltation
  3. Our knowledge. Paul wants us to know that the power of the God of Jesus Christ is the same power that is working in us.
    1. God’s power is revealed in creation, in sending Jesus, and when He exalted Jesus.
    2. The same power that God works in Christ He works in us. What He did in Christ He will do in us.
      1. Realize that Jesus Christ is not an individual, but He is the Head of the church, which is His body.
      2. When God regenerated us, He began mightily working that resurrection life in us.
      3. And just as He raised Jesus, He will raise us with Him, and we will be glorified by that same power.
      4. And by that same power of faith, we may be victorious in this world.