Only a Small Beginning of Obedience

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 119; Lord's Day 44
Psalters: 257, 335, 1, 9
  1. The reality.
    1. Every believer in Jesus Christ has constant reason to be humbly grateful, not complacent, nor alarmed about their salvation.
      1. They are converted, i.e., the Spirit of God has given them a new heart.
      2. Romans 7 provides the mature, converted saint with the right knowledge of his sins and sinfulness.
    2. The correct knowledge of my sin is essential to a healthy Christian experience.
      1. The only ones who run to Jesus are those who are admit that they are sinners in God’s sight.
      2. The more spiritually mature see more of their own sins and sinfulness and they see sin to be more and more sinful.
    3.  A very great help in keeping the right perspective is the strict preaching of God’s law.
      1. Having God’s law constantly set before us we are frequently reminded of:
      2. God’s law reveals the perfect God, which accurately identifies and describes sin.
  2. The resolve.
    1. It is the knowledge of sin which drives one to Jesus, for forgiveness and righteousness are only in Him.
      1. The faith which enables me to see my sin, also shows me Jesus.
      2. In fact, the greater we see our sin to be, the greater we see God’s love, mercy, and Jesus’ blood to be.
    2. The converted an increasing consciousness of how much Jesus has done for them.
    3. The faith which sees sin and sees the cross, then is resolved to render grateful returns of ardent love more and more.
    4. Gratitude is the high motive for striving to make every aspect of our life subservient to our loving Lord.