Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Saved by Grace Through Faith

Date: PM
Text: Ephesians 2:8,9
Psalters: 306, 362, 211, 176
Series: Ephesians
  1. The salvation.
    1. To be “saved” is to be delivered from the greatest misery and being made a partaker of the greatest good.
      1. The greatest evil is sin.
        1. The greatest good is to be judged by God as being spiritually righteous and beautiful, to be spiritually alive.
      2. “Grace” is undeserved love which powerfully saves the undeserving.
      3. Grace saves!
    2. Salvation is entirely of God; it is “not of yourselves.”
      1. In fact, salvation and grace are in spite of us, for we have no right to salvation.
      2. “Grace” excludes anything in us which merits or obliges God to save us.
  2. Grace excludes all “boasting” (cf. Romans 3:27).
    1. Man usually boasts in his works; we think that we are good enough or not that bad so we have reason to be proud?
      1. Paul declared that if anyone thinks they have something to boast about, he has more (Phil. 3:4-6).
      2. To talk about works means that I am trying to justify myself by what I do or didn’t do.
    2. Grace means that it is “not of works” (cf. Luke 18:9-12; Matt. 7:21-23; Rom. 11:6).
    3. If we think about some good we do or if we rely on anything we have done, then we deny grace.
  3. We are saved by grace “through faith.”
    1. Faith is the God-given instrument which connects the Captain of salvation to all those given Him of the Father.
    2. “That” is a gift of God, referring to both faith and salvation.
    3. That anyone is saved is entirely the result of God’s work/gift.
    4. Then to God alone be the glory!