Praying to Be Delivered From Evil

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 66; Lord's Day 52
Psalters: 173, 332, 156, 385
  1. The danger.
    1. Dangers threaten from all sides, temptations sneak up on us; sin lies at the door.
      1. Those who are forgiven must still be on guard and fight every second against a dreadful power.
      2. Tremendous still is the power of sin and the destruction it brings into the life of believers. Consider David (II Sam. 12:11-13).
    2. Two things are required to pray this petition sincerely.
      1. First, we must work to maintain an attitude of enmity against sin and the evil one.
      2. Second, this petition implies that we know how bad sin is and how weak he is (cannot stand a moment apart from grace).
  2. This petition expresses our knowledge of our Father’s power.
    1. We ask this of our heavenly Father because we know He is in sovereign control of all, including temptations.
    2. With this petition we ask:
      1. That we not be surrendered to Satan to go astray.
      2. That we know that we are so inclined to sin and will certainly fall, except we be kept by the power of God (I Peter 1:5).
      3. That we be given the strength to resist, to stand in the fight, and to turn to God (Canons V, 7,11).
      4. That we desire to be pleasing to God.
      5. That we constantly watch and pray, lest we enter into temptation (Canons V-4).
  3. With the trials God sends deliverance, for which we are praying.
    1. That Jesus taught us to pray this petition implies that we can confidently expect God to answer this petition.
    2. The experience of deliverance.
    3. Conclusions.