God’s Good Creation of Man: His Masterpiece

Date: AM
Text: Genesis 1, 2; Lord's Day 3
Psalters: 228, 103, 37, 14
  1. A unique creation.
    1. God’s creation of man was unique; we point out five reasons.
    2. Man was created in one act of God, which had two aspects to it.
      1. The first aspect is that man was taken from the dust of the earth.
      2. The second aspect is that God breathed into him the breath of life.
    3. Physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually man is a most remarkable creature.
  2. What especially exalted man is that he was created “in the image of God” (1:26,27).
    1. This means that God made man to “look” like the invisible God, i.e., reflect Him in a very limited and earthy way.
      1. First, this means that Adam had the ability to bear the image of God.
      2. Second, it means that Adam had a positive friend-servant relationship with God.
    2. However Adam was lapsable, i.e., he was able to fall from this lofty position.
    3. God made Adam to be the representative head of the whole human race: Rom. 5:12; I Cor. 15:21; Isa. 43:27.
  3. There is great significance for this unique and special creation of Adam.
    1. First, God’s marvelous creation of all, especially of man, makes Him worthy of all honor and glory and worship.
    2. Because God created us good, we cannot blame God for the presence of our sin and misery.
      1. The responsibility/blame for man naturally hating God and his neighbor is to be only in man himself.
      2. Adam represented us, so when he fell into sin, we did as well (I Cor. 15: 21,22; Romans 5:12).
      3. The result is that we are wicked and perverse, not because of creation, but because of our own will.