Grace Protestant Reformed Church

The Mediator Revealed in Inspired Scripture

Date: AM
Text: II Peter 1; Lord's Day 6
Psalters: 124, 38, 191, 334
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. Inspiration’s fact.
    1. "Scripture" is literally "writing," words that has been written down.
      1. Paul referred to the writings of the 39 books of the O.T., recognized by the O.T. Church and by Christ and the apostles.
      2. By implication this includes the N.T. books because they bear the same marks of sacred Scripture.
    2. II Tim. 3:15 says that Scripture is “inspired,”: i.e., "God-breathed," "breathed out from God."
    3. Implications of Scripture’s divine inspiration.
      1. The result of God’s breathing is the Word of God (just as our words result from our breath).
      2. The work of the Holy Spirit in writing the Bible is a tremendous miracle received only by faith.
      3. Thus Scripture possesses absolute authority, before which we must submit.
  2. To what degree is the Bible God-breathed? To what extent is the Bible inspired?
    1. It is very common to deny inspiration by speaking of only a partial inspiration.
    2. II Tim. 3:16 speaks of "all" Scripture being God-breathed!
      1. This implies that Scripture is in no respect the word of man. Man does not have even the smallest part in its inspiration.
      2. The singular: "all Scripture" (cf. also 4:2) shows Scripture's total inspiration.
  3. The maintaining of the God-breathed Bible is "profitable."
    1. Basic profit of the Bible is “salvation” (vs. 15; Deut. 8:3), not only in salvation’s beginning but through all of salvation.
    2. Scripture equips each believer for every good work, i.e. to fulfill our calling.
    3. Let us use this useful book, for that is why God inspired it and gave it to us.