Grace Protestant Reformed Church


Date: AM
Text: Hebrews 2; Lord's Day 11
Psalters: 256, 42, 187, 78
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. A purposeful name.
    1. “Jesus” is the personal name which God Himself gave to His Son in our flesh (Matt. 1:21; Luke 1:31).
      1. His personal name declares Who and what He is (His mission), i.e., Savior: “Jehovah salvation” or “Jehovah saves.”
      2. This name proclaims the purpose for His existence.
    2. The angel explained the name: Jehovah saves from sin (Matt. 1:21).
    3. Jesus is Savior of “His people,” not the Savior of all men (John 10:14,15,26; Heb. 2:17).
  2. Jesus is the only true Savior because He actually saves from sin (He did not merely create the possibility for salvation).
    1. Jesus saves, not form problems, but from sin’s guilt, which deserves the punishment of death (God’s anger).
    2. He is THE Savior, the only One, not just a Savior.
    3. Jesus actually and fully saved in three senses.
      1. He is Savior for us, actually changing our guilt into innocence, removing every liability to be punished.
      2. He is Savior in us by applying that which He bought to us.
      3. And He is Savior at God’s right hand.
  3. Jesus is the perfect Savior - completely saving us to the uttermost so there is nothing left to be done.
    1. Jesus did everything necessary for salvation so nothing has to be added to His complete and perfect work.
    2. Because Jesus is the true Savior, there is no need for saints, Mary, or good works.
    3. Do you believe in this perfect Savior who is revealed in this Name?