Grace Protestant Reformed Church

The Prayer for Wisdom

Date: AM
Text: II Chronicles 1:7-12
Psalters: 275, 40, 325, 304
Installation of Elders and Deacons
  1. The choices.
    1. Solomon’s coronation was done quickly because Adonijah plotted to be crowned king (I Kings 1:5-7,32-40).
    2. Solomon’s wise dealings with these early crises emphasized to him his need for God’s constant blessing.
    3. God responds to Solomon’s worship by asking Solomon what he wanted God to be given (II Chronicles 1:7).
  2. Solomon’s choice.
    1. Solomon asks God to give him “wisdom and knowledge” (10); an “understanding heart” in I Kings 3:9.
    2. Solomon wants wisdom and knowledge so he can judge, i.e., govern God’s people (II Chronicles 1:10).
      1. To govern is rule, deciding controversy and executing judgments, rewarding and punishing.
      2. It is to be able to distinguish not only good and evil, but the better and the best over against just getting something done.
    3. The reasons behind Solomon’s request are three.
      1. First, God made him king.
      2. Second, Solomon is conscious of his youth and inexperience (I Kings 3:7).
      3. Third, the people he was to rule were great.
    4. For what do ecclesiastical office-bearers ask when God puts them into office?
  3. God heard and answered Solomon.
    1. God noted what Solomon did not ask for: riches, wealthy, honor, victory in battle, long life (II Chronicles 1:11).
    2. God told Solomon that He would give to him wisdom and knowledge.
    3. Office-bearers, never stop asking for wisdom.