Grace Protestant Reformed Church

The Great God Is Our God

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 48:1,14
Psalters: 375, 322, 398, 134
Confession of Faith
  1. Jehovah is great.
    1. “Jehovah” declares that God is the “I am.”
    2. Jehovah is “great” in magnitude and in extent, in intensity, and in importance.
      1. He is great in His being. So great that no creature can conceive of just how great He is.
      2. “According to Thy name, so is Thy praise unto the ends of the earth” (Psalm 48:10). As great as He is, so He is to be praised.
    3. He is especially great in His work of redeeming the church (the city of our God, Mount Zion, 1,2,8; cf. Matt. 27:53).
      1. It is only in the church that God dwells, making it “the mountain of His holiness” (Psalm 48:1), devoted to God’s honor.
      2. The psalm speaks of an historical event when the city had a divine (and miraculous) deliverance from a surrounding enemy.
  2. “This God is our God.”
    1. “This” distinguishes the only true God as the One Who did great things for us.
    2. With this God you have a relationship: one of possession: “our.”
      1. One, to claim this God as ours he must first have taken us to be His. He is ours because we are His.
      2. Two, before anyone can say “our” he has to say “my.”
    3. This God is our “Guide,” faithful and constant to bring, to drive, to carry, and to shepherd us all the way.
      1. He guides us by His counsel, feeding and leading us in the ways of peace, salvation and life.
      2. The Spirit leads us to the fullness of Christ, guiding us into all truth.
    4. This relationship is “for ever and ever.”