Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Jesus Is the Christ, God's Anointed One

Date: AM
Text: Deuteronomy 18; Lord's Day 12
Psalters: 229, 129, 36, 303
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. The idea of office.
    1. Adam was created an office-bearer of God.
      1. The office is to represent visibly the invisible, infinitely glorious God before His creatures and creation to God.
      2. With regard to God, the office-bearer is servant, not having his own authority nor functioning in his own behalf.
    2. Adam’s one office had three inseparable aspects: head, heart, hand.
    3. When sin entered the world, then God’s office-bearer rebelled, not wanting to serve God, but himself.
  2. Jesus is given this office.
    1. God purposed to reveal and glorify Himself in the realization of His everlasting kingdom, not in the first Adam, but in Christ, the Firstborn of every creature (Col. 1:15).
    2. Jesus is the prophet (Acts 3:22,23 from Deut. 18:15-19) who declared the Father (John 15:15).
    3. Jesus is priest actually redeeming us with His one sacrifice (Hebrews 8:1,2; 9:14,28).
    4. Christ is King (John 18:37), eternally, so His dominion has no end.
  3. Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ (Matt. 16:15,16; John 6:66-69; Acts 2:36)?  Faith in Christ becomes right activity.
    1. Prophet. Seek to know more and more the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ (and His saving work).
    2. Priest. Believe that you need Him alone for forgiveness, and nothing else.
    3. King. Submit to His authority as your Lord and King and fight against sin.