Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Called a Christian

Date: AM
Text: Acts 11; Lord's Day 12
Psalters: 254, 333, 316, 319
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. The meaning.
    1. Only God can give anyone the right to have this title.
    2. A “Christian” is one anointed by God - selected and qualified by God to give visible representation to the invisible God.
      1. Man was created with a right to this office, but he lost it in the fall into sin.
      2. What we lost, God restored in Jesus Christ, so we again have the right, the will and the ability.
    3. By His Spirit Jesus makes us partakers of His own anointing: being “Christ-like.”
      1. Regenerating us, Jesus gave us the ability and the will to be God’s friend-servant in this world.
      2. Christians are called to serve always and everywhere, and never are we free to do what we please.
  2. Those given the right to the office are called to show forth His praise (I Peter 2:9 and Isaiah 43:21) in a three-fold calling.
    1. As prophet I am to confess His name by means of my words and deeds all the time.
      1. A prophet is one who bubbles over; I am so filled that I have to speak out.
      2. As a Christian I confess Him objectively, declaring and defending the truth of the Scripture.
      3. And I confess Him subjectively, as my personal Savior.
    2. As priest I present myself as a living sacrifices of thankfulness.
      1. It is a dedication of my whole life in self-sacrificing love to God and to my neighbor; a life of one continual sacrifice.
      2. The right motive is only thankfulness for receiving freely the unspeakable gift of salvation from sin and hell.
    3. As king I am to fight against sin and Satan in this life, and later reign with Him eternally.
      1. While on earth my kingship is exercised mostly in my having the ability to fight against sin.
      2. Later I will reign with Christ in heaven.
    4. Do you have the name “Christian” - it is a mere formality or a reality ?