Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Jesus Raised Jairus’ Daughter

Date: PM
Text: Luke 8:41,42,49-56
Psalters: 374, 391, 362, 292
  1. The setting.
    1. Jesus was met by large and expectant crowd (Luke 8:40) and including Jairus.
    2. Jesus responded to Jairus’ request by immediately heading to Jairus’ house.
    3. After Jesus healed the woman Jairus received the message that his daughter had died (Luke 8:49).
      1. The messenger added that Jesus need not be troubled any more, for now the situation is hopeless.
      2. But Jesus responds with majestic calmness and urges Jairus to do the same.
  2. The wonder.
    1. The crowd followed wondering what Jesus would do in such a hopeless situation.
    2. Jesus was met with a “tumult” – a scene of confusion, a disorderly mob.
    3. Jesus declared that the 12 year old daughter was not dead but sleeping (Luke 8:52).
      1. Those wailing responded to Jesus’ words with laughter and scorn, which shows that these were insincere in their wailing.
      2. Second, Jesus did not deny the reality of her being dead, but He was anticipating her resurrection – returning to this life.
    4. Jesus sent everyone out of the house except Peter, James and John, along with Jairus and his wife.
    5. Jesus did more than the father asked (Mark 5:23) when He takes her hand and speaks with authority, power, and tenderness.
  3. The significance.
    1. The raising of one from the dead clearly evidenced the power of our Savior to give spiritual life to the spiritually dead.
    2. The raising of the physically dead to physical life is a picture of the resurrection of the spiritually dead to real life.
    3. And Jesus has the power to raise our human bodies from the grave, even as He raised our souls from spiritual death.