Grace Protestant Reformed Church

It Is Finished: Victory

Date: PM (Good Friday)
Text: John 19:30b
Psalters: 49, 47, 184, 186
  1. What is completed.
    1. What does it mean to be “finished?”
    2. Jesus does not say, “I am finished,” but “IT is finished.” He completed the task given to Him.
      1. Jesus’ work was to save His people from their sins (Matt. 1:21); etc.
      2. There is only one way to victory, i.e., the way of satisfying God’s wrath, of atoning and bearing all God’s wrath.
      3. The lost are found only in the place of death, i.e., under God’s just condemnation.
    3. How did Jesus know it was finished?
      1. John declares that Jesus knew that “all things were now accomplished, and that the scripture” was fulfilled (John 19:28; cf. 17:4).
      2. Also the relationship between Jesus and His Father implies that the Father gave Jesus testimony that His task was finished.
  2. To whom does Jesus declare this?
    1. First, to His enemies: the unbelieving world and especially to Satan.
    2. Second, to His Father.
    3. Third, to us.
  3. By faith we see that God was satisfied with Jesus’ work and so are we.
    1. “Jesus” is the only complete and perfect Savior (Lord’s Day 11). He is the Victor. We are complete in Him.
    2. Second, we are more than conquerors through Jesus, assured of victory as we continue to fight a good fight.
    3. Third, that Jesus completed His work on earth is an assurance that He will bring it to perfect completion (Phil. 1:6).