Grace Protestant Reformed Church

And Peter

Date: AM
Text: Mark 16:7a
Psalters: 130, 58, 281, 263
  1. Especially Peter.
    1. One of Jesus’ first thoughts as He arose was of His disciples and Peter.
    2. When Peter is specifically mentioned, he is distinguished from the other disciples.
      1. Peter separated himself from the others by boasting self-confidently, putting himself above the rest of the disciples.
      2. But then Peter separated from the other disciples when he denied Jesus three times.
    3. When told of this message, Peter thought that Jesus now considered himself to be outside the circle of His disciples.
      1. If the angels had only said, “Tell my disciples,” Peter would have concluded that the message was not for him.
      2. This awakened his conscience even more than when he went out and wept bitterly (Mark 14:72; Matt. 26:75).
  2. Especially reassuring.
    1. Jesus’ messenger called him, “Peter,” not Simon.
    2. The message is: “He is risen; He is not here. Go so He can meet you.”
      1. Death cannot hold Him; the crucified One is risen and He lives.
      2. This message is for all in the darkness of sin: all of our sins are forgiven, not matter how many, how great, how shameful.
  3. Especially comforting for “Peters.”
    1. God’s love always adds, “and tell the Peters among My people.”
    2. This emphasizes that that God’s love for us in Christ is always first.
      1. God’s infinite love is always first; it is an everlasting love.
      2. When we fall into sin, God’s love never fails, for it remains and it conquers, bringing the sacrifice of His own Son.
      3. When the Peters among My people are afraid that they are loved, tell them of My love.