Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Scriptures Known From Infancy

Date: AM
Text: II Timothy 3:15
Psalters: 269, 384, 38, 183
Sacrament of Baptism
  1. The Scriptures.
    1. The “scriptures” are writings which usually refers to what is now the Old Testament.
    2. They are “holy” because:
    3. The message of the holy Scriptures is that of God’s good pleasure to save unto Himself a people in His Son, Jesus Christ.
    4. God uses the holy Scriptures to save, by making one wise unto salvation (cf. John 5:39).
  2. The child knows.
    1. The word “child” refers to either a child unborn or newly born, an infant.
    2. The holy Scriptures are known – they impart knowledge of the gospel by the Spirit-led believer (even child).
      1. The sacred writings reveal/give knowledge of what Jesus Christ did.
      2. Scripture reveals God to be the sovereign who created all and who establishes the moral standard for all men: love Him.
      3. The ability of a child to know the holy Scriptures is because they are perspicuous, i.e., clear, able to be understood.
    3. Every believer (those given faith), young and old, are able to understand what the Scriptures teach for their salvation.
    4. It is not the parents, but the knowledge of the sacred writings which is the divine source of all spiritual wisdom.
      1. No greater mistake can be made than to ground a child’s faith on parents, or preachers.
      2. Timothy was taught by Lois and Eunice to ground his faith in the sacred writings.
  3. What is the incentive to know and continue in knowing the sacred writings?
    1. First, personally, the writings were able to make him wise for salvation through faith, a faith in connection with Christ Jesus.
    2. What Timothy learned as an infant, he must “continue…in” (II Timothy 3:14), i.e., abide in no matter the consequences or the opposition.
    3. We are encouraged to continue in the holy Scriptures because by means of them we are saved in our generations.