What God Begins Shall Be Fully Done

Date: PM
Text: Philippians 1:6
Psalters: 229, 250, 381, 52
Confession of Faith and Baptism
  1. The beginning.
    1. What “good work” has God begun in us? It is the work of saving us from the greatest evil and giving us the greatest good.
      1. There is a work FOR us, which God has already accomplished.
      2. Our text speaks of the work of salvation IN us, i.e., inside His people by His Spirit.
    2. This work is “good,” because it accomplishes what it is designed to do; it accomplishes God’s purpose.
  2. God “will perform,” i.e., bring to an end, accomplish, perfect, execute, complete.
    1. The clear implication is that this good work of salvation in us is all God’s work.
    2. This is the truth of the preservation of the saints.
      1. Not one of those in whom a work of grace has begun will ever perish or fall away.
      2. Every one of them will persevere through every uncertainty, difficulty, and opposition till the day of Jesus Christ.
    3. This comforting truth is taught elsewhere in Scripture.
  3. Thus we may be “confident,” be persuaded and trust.
    1. Sadly there are some who take away a believer’s comfort by teaching that the work of salvation begins with man’s choice.
    2. Our text puts our confidence in God and in Jesus (not in man)!
    3. God performs His work in us “until the day of Jesus Christ.”
    4. Thus every believer, who yet lives in this world with a sinful nature, may be confident of his salvation and place in glory.
    5. This truth produces, not presumptiveness, nor remissness, but humility, godliness, and patience (Canons V-12,13).