Grace Protestant Reformed Church

Faith Confirmed in the Lord’s Supper

Date: AM
Text: Romans 9; Lord's Day 28
Psalters: 394, 334, 357, 127
Series: Heidelberg Catechism (2016-18)
  1. The Lord’s institution.
    1. Jesus instituted it as a sacrament when celebrating the Passover feast the night before He was crucified.
      1. Jesus used the 13th of the 15 steps in a Jewish Passover as the opportunity to institute His sacrament.
      2. Jesus used some of the bread and the third cup of wine (not the lamb) of the Passover to institute the Supper.
    2. It is the Lord’s words which set these two elements apart as sacramental signs.
      1. First, Jesus command His disciples to partake.
      2. Second, He commanded them to do so in remembrance of Him.
  2. There are five parts of our Lord’s Supper.
    1. First, Jesus is the Host. He gives the elders as His appointed representatives.
    2. Second, the table conveys the idea of a meal.
    3. Third, there is the simple and plain bread and wine.
    4. Fourth, something is done to the bread and wine: broken and poured out indicating the sacrifice of Christ’s life.
    5. Fifth, we are to partake of the elements; they are to be taken, eaten and drunk.
  3. The proper partaker.
    1. Proper partaking requires the exercise of our spiritual life, i.e., faith.
    2. The Supper strengthens/confirms a believer’s faith in the fact that God has established a covenant relationship of friendship.
    3. However faith cannot sustain itself; it needs constant spiritual nourishment. And our faith often becomes weary.
    4. The Supper comforts and assures us intellectually and emotionally.