God Commends His Love

Date: PM
Text: Romans 5:6-8
Psalters: 404, 249, 277, 81
Confession of Faith
  1. The historic proof.
    1. To those into whose hearts God has profusely given His love, He “commendeth” it, i.e., evidences or demonstrates it.
    2. The historic evidence/proof of God’s love is the cross of Jesus Christ on which He willingly laid down His life for His sheep.
      1. We do not find the proof of God’s love in great weather or material wealth or the obtaining of our desires.
      2. While God’s love is seen in His giving His Son into our likeness and His life, His sacrifice is the heart of it all.
    3. God evidences His love in that Jesus died “in due time,” i.e., at the proper moment.
  2. The marvelous character of God’s love is seen in the character of those for whom He died.
    1. First, notice that Christ’s death was “for,” i.e., on behalf of us, for our benefit, as our substitute, taking our death on Himself.
      1. Jesus identified Himself with His people judicially that He might properly and completely represent them.
      2. His death was atoning because Jesus entered into our death as an act of His free will.
    2. Further, God’s love is demonstrated in the nature of those for whom He died: “without strength,” “ungodly,” “sinners.”
      1. For a good man, it can be conceived that someone might be willing to give their life.
      2. But the greatness of God’s love is that He gave His Son while we were contrary to Him, completely unworthy to be saved.
    3. God evidences the greatness of His unconditional and undeserved love.
  3. What does this prove or show?
    1. First, it shows God’s love does not have its source in the objects, but it has to have its source in God alone (I John 4:10).
    2. God’s love for us ungodly sinners is experienced to be sovereign; it is always first.
    3. The practical fruit of such amazing love.