Irresistible Grace

Date: PM
Text: John 6:44
Psalters: 225, 179, 378, 251
  1. Mighty power.
    1. The elected and redeemed must have the benefits of Christ’s death applied to them so they possess salvation.
    2. This part of salvation is a work of great power. Consider the meaning of the word “draw.”
      1. Man is unable to come to Christ by himself; he must be drawn by God to Christ.
      2. The same mighty power which sent Jesus into the world is the power which draws every elect sinner to Him.
    3. The Person who effects this change in the sinner is the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Christ.
      1. Scripture shows that the Spirit is at work in salvation (Rom. 8;14; I Cor. 2:13,14; 12:3; I Peter 1:2).
      2. Thus he willingly turns/come to Christ as Savior and Lord (John 6:37,44,45,64,65; 10: 3-6,26-29); I Cor. 2:14).
  2. This work is always effective - the Holy Spirit never fails to bring to salvation every sinner in whom He works.
    1. He applies salvation to every sinner that He intends to save, and it is His intention to save all of the elect and only them.
    2. The inward work of the Spirit never fails to result in the conversion of those in whom He works.
    3. Consider the reasons this power unto salvation is irresistible?
  3. The fruit of God’s irresistible drawing is our coming!
    1. Whereas we were unwilling before God draws, we do not remain unwilling!
    2. Notice that God draws by having the elect hear and learn the preaching of Christ (45b; III,IV-6,11a,17).
    3. All who come receiving the gospel and believing on Jesus, have reason for great assurance.
    4. We who come because of our being drawn realize that we eternal gratitude to God and give Him thanks forever (III,IV-15a).